Raymond laser marking machine

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Raymond laser marking machine

Postautor: Tammy » 18 mar 2019, 6:31

It is well known that many lamps or decoration are made of plastic materials. How many people know how to get the signs on the lamps now? In the past, the labels of many lamps were explained by stickers, but they will be removed after a long period of time. The glue will be left behind, which will affect the beauty and difficulty in cleaning. Therefore, the markings on the lamps are now carved using laser marking machines.
Laser marking machine engraving of various words, symbols and patterns, character size can be measured from the millimeter to micron, laser engraving products have a special effect on anti-counterfeiting. And the laser carving speed is extremely fast. A mark can be carved in seconds.
The laser marking machine uses the high density and no-contact of the laser. The surface of the object is burned or carved into characters and patterns. It does not need to use other auxiliary tools. Therefore, the marking can be preserved for a long time, and because the marking is not easy to wear and can not be changed, Deeply recognized by the society.
Just enter the text and pattern to be marked in the software of the laser marking machine, confirm the size of the marking, the speed of the laser beam, and the number of times it needs to be repeated, so that the laser marking machine can mark out beautiful patterns. We can design our own two-dimensional code, bar code, and can also be imported through digital cameras and scanners. Of course, we can also download floor plans online. In order to produce a satisfactory laser pattern. Laser marking machine in the surface of the processed material etched to form durable engravings. The underline width can reach the 20 micron level, and the laser marking machine software has an active image distortion correction function, which makes the customer more satisfied.https://www.raymondlaser.com :o :o
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